Jeans shopping?

Here’s a quiz to help.  Maybe. 

[Not sure about the “shapely.” Hmm.]

Your Ideal Jeans Are 7 for All Mankind

Body hugging yet super flattering – for a confident, shapely girl.

What Brand of Jeans Should You Wear?


21 responses to “Jeans shopping?

  1. Your ideal jeans are Levi’s

    All American and classic – perfect for a girl who doesn’t need to follow trends.

  2. Should I consider it a warning (and worrying) sign Aj and I share the same ideal jeans?

  3. My ideal jeans are Levi’s too. Hey is this another rigged quiz?

  4. Oh, so I am the only “shapely” one? grrr.

  5. Less duck, more noodles, oh shapely one.


  6. I would kick Max if I were you Michele.

  7. I’d kick AJ. She cannot hobble fast enough to get away or chase you and I will feel the guilt so that is just as good.

  8. Kick kick flounce flounce.

    [I have lost 11 1/2 pounds eating like a rabbit so there]

  9. Ooh la la. Svelt Bunny.

  10. I wouldn’t go that far. Maybe svelter bunny.

    [don’t go changing my bunny name yet…]

  11. People sure get territorial about those bunny names.

  12. Hey, it is an identity.

  13. Levi’s. And I have never owned a pair of them.

  14. We are all going to wear our Levi’s and taunt Michele right?

  15. No you won’t. [Heck, how would I know?]

  16. Oh but I so am.


  17. I couldn’t help myself.

  18. Neither can I shapely jeans girl.


  19. Hey, I do not show up on your guys’ blogs and say you have bad hair.

  20. I did not say you have bad hair I was suggesting a new style.

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