Too much pitch prep – or not enough?


I took a class -“How to Market Your Screenplay.”

What did I learn?

It is damn hard to market a screenplay.  Who knows if everything this guy – [head of development of a small production company] said is true, I am going to focus on finishing the script and worry about it later.

How did the pitch go? Well, there were 8 of us in class, in a tiny conference room, sitting at a table.

The guy says – as soon as we settle into our seats – “tell me about yourself, and pitch a screenplay to me.”

Well. I tell him I am working on a polish of my first script. And. I recite the logline verbatim, I do not know how to pitch that is why I am in this class, jeez. [I do get a laugh when I say it is like “Sex and the City” without the sex – that worked – hmmm…]

Three hours later, after he tells us how to pitch [“tell it like you would tell a bedtime story – once upon a time… and tell the ending, no cliffhangers allowed….] – he decides to critique our initial pitches. Okay, just the 3 he remembered I suppose I should take it as a good sign that he reviewed mine first and I was the only one whose name he remembered [it must have been the T-Shirt] – and he said –

“Too rehearsed.”

Too rehearsed??????

So now what?  

[he was not offering his card – he said he did not bring it on purpose – but a guy in class that came late asked again and he reluctantly gave us his email addess “to do with what you will.”]

I sent him an email and thanked him.


8 responses to “Too much pitch prep – or not enough?

  1. I’m wondering what he thought about that t-shirt of yours.
    It’s easier to get your movie made when you have talent. You have it.

  2. This was the first of many many pitches you will do. It gets easier with time and experience. And more natural.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement Kitty and Max. This was a good learning experience, at least.

    Kitty – the guy never said anything about the shirt but he sure did look at it alot. And he smiled and said “hi Michele” in the hallway at break while he was on his cellphone so I made some kind of impression – who knows what?

    [husband was concerned about me wearing that shirt – when I left the hotel he told me to be careful with that shirt]

  4. You would think that shirt was radio active. [smile]

  5. “Sex and the City” without the sex. I love that.

    I believe in you, Michele, with or without the shirt. You will do great.

  6. Thanks Soph.

    That shirt sure has an impact.

  7. That’s awesome Michele. I hate pitching. I try and relate it back to my lawyering/oral argument experience and make it as much a conversation with the other person as possible. Outline the main story/character beats I want to hit on in the pitch and be prepared for questions as they come. And hopefully not drool over myself too much. Good on you for putting yourself out there like that.

  8. Thanks Chris. It sure was a learning experience.

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