Pitch prep

Saturday is the “How to Market your Screenplay” class.jeans.jpg  We get taught how to pitch, and we pitch to the instructor – a development guy that likes romantic comedies.  [In particular, he likes “It Happened One Night”.]  Um, my script is a romantic comedy.

I am preparing for this event.  Here is the list –

1) Buy new sexy jeans.  Check.

     [this is part of the screenwriter’s uniform.  Jeans. T-shirt. Sneakers.]  [I shall wear boots]

2)  Get a decent haircut.  Scheduled for Saturday am.

3)  Practice the polite “no.”  Check.  [practice again]

4)  Study Max’s book.  [will re-read in the car it is a long drive]

5)  Have the logline ready.  Check.

6)  Research this guy.  Check.  He is kosher.

7) Document plot points and beats.  Um.  This area is lacking at the moment I better hurry. 

8 Be sure to pack the “I’ll sleep with you…” T-shirt.

9) Eat a big ol’ bagel and creamcheese before class.  Yay!

10)  Come home and watch the Oscars.  And dream.


12 responses to “Pitch prep

  1. Sneer. So this is what you left us for?
    Tap. tap. tap. Okay. I’ll forgive.
    Get the sneakers, damnit.

  2. Yes I did, sorry.

    No sneakers, no…. not yet

  3. You should start looking for some at least. Hey have a great trip and good luck with the pitch. You’ll do well.

  4. Thanks, Kitty.

    I’ll let you know how it goes…

  5. I know you’re probably not there reading, but good luck with the pitch, Michele. As long as you have your new sexy jeans on and the “I’ll sleep with you” tee in your bag, you have nothing to be afraid of. Go get them, girl!

  6. Good luck Michele.

  7. Wait. You’re missing the MCR concert. Oh, you could’ve traded in the haircut for a concert. You need to work that slouchy sleepy writer’s lifestyle.

  8. If the guy is kosher, maybe you should bring him some nice rugelach or something.

  9. A sassy pair of sneakers take a very long time to find. Start looking..

  10. Thanks everyone.

    I’m back – will blog about it tonite if I can get this damn creak out of my neck. [forgot to read the section on bringing your own pillows…]

  11. Notice how good we were Michele? We never said Horny Goat Weed once.

  12. Uh oh….

    Better check your blog….

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