One of the best romantic movies of all time

officer-poster.jpg Yesterday, I happened upon the last 30 minutes of “An Officer and a Gentleman.”

I do not usually re-watch movies.  This one is an exception.  I have seen this enough that I can recite dialogue.

I love this movie.  I love the ending of this movie it is one of the most, if not the most, romantic endings of all time.

I cry every time. 

Every. Time.

It starts when the music begins to swell.  In the scene prior to the last scene.  I feel pins and needles.  I lean forward.  My heart races.

And then, my eyes well up.  Tears rush down my cheeks.  I do not wipe them, I relish in the moment [until husband looks over at me and laughs.]

I wish I could write something this romantic in my script. 


8 responses to “One of the best romantic movies of all time

  1. You will notice there is no dog [!!!!] in An Officer and a Gentleman.


  2. LOL!

    Point taken.

  3. Michele, you can write a better one than that.

  4. Here’s hoping, Kitty.

  5. I’m not a sucker for this one. I like it, but I’m not big on it. As a matter of fact, though I’m genuinely romantic, every time I see the above mentioned scene I can’t help thinking that if my husband ever tried to lift me in his arms like that, he would end up with a slipped disk.

    But, Michele, you can write something as romantic as this. Maybe something even more romantic, something that won’t take you directly to the orthopedics.

  6. Word is there was a lot of talk about that ending while they were making the film and a lot of people said they thought it was over the top and there was a different, more subtle ending, but the director wanted to shoot it and did and voila, the great big movie moment ending stayed alive, yay!

  7. I like bits of trivia like this, Max.

  8. Yay too! I really love it.

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