Happy Year of the Pig – 豬

pig.jpg Tomorrow starts the celebration of Chinese New Year, and 2007 is the year of the pig.

The year of the pig brings increased fertility and virility, optimism, warmth, and, um, fires and explosions.  

It also brings “The Pig Song” (alternatively called “Song of Pig”) – by Xiang Xiang.

This song has been downloaded over a billion times in Asia. 

Okay, this is in Chinese, maybe I should put the lyrics in here.

“Pig, you have two holes on your nose
When you catch cold, you are snorting
Pig, you have black eyes which we cannot see beyond
Pig, you have two big ears
And you cannot hear that I’m cursing you silly
Pig, you have a curling tail which you cannot run without
Pig head, pig brain, pig body and pig tail
You are a good baby who eats everything
Everyday you won’t wake up till noon
And you never brush your teeth and you never fight”

Happy Year of the Pig. 

And oh – it is good luck to eat dumplings in the next 2 weeks.  It is a Chinese New Year thing.  [I am not sure about pork dumplings, though.]


13 responses to “Happy Year of the Pig – 豬

  1. Songs are an epidemic now?

    How does this sound to the sound track for get out of my car?

  2. LOL. Stop. Now that song is in MY head.

    I am trying to write here.

    [I sent you an email I am excitedly writing that first scene]

  3. I have no email from you though.

  4. Just sent it again.

    I think I used the 2006 address.

  5. Got it. That image rocks. Good pick.

  6. If you don’t care a feather or a fig
    You may grow up to be a pig

    Or would you like to swing on a star?

  7. LOL Bob.

    I’ll take the star.

  8. “pig, you have two holes on your nose”

    Need I say anymore.

  9. lol. This is translated from Chinese – who knows, maybe it is really “pig you have a big nose”

  10. That was my favorite line.

  11. You missed AJ’s maiming incident. She got into a fight with a book cart and lost.

  12. I go away and you all injure yourselves.

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