The lazy fortune cookie

fortune-cookie-1.jpg Last weekend, husband and I ate at a Chinese restaurant, one that we have frequented before. When the fortune cookies arrived, husband took his first. I have never seen a fortune quite like the one he opened –

“Come back later… I am sleeping. (yes cookies need their sleep too)”


26 responses to “The lazy fortune cookie

  1. This is where your husband got the idea to slip you a mickey so you’d miss Clay’s call and his appearance on Kimmel.

  2. Boy is he devious.

    I watched it today (Kimmel). Clay was cute.

  3. We all know you wouldn’t fall asleep if Clay was on tv.

  4. I bought a bag of fortune cookies once and every message read “Happy New Year”. As it was August, this was a pretty good indicator that they were 8 months old, so you think I would have stopped consumption and cut my losses. But no, I polished off the bag all the same.

    I am such a disgrace.

  5. I thought I was the only one who actually ate the cookie.

  6. Stale fortune cookies – that is funny.

    I always eat one piece of the cookie and leave the rest. I am not sure why.

  7. It is tradition. You have to eat part of the cookie for the fortune to apply.

  8. Shit that explains it. I did not eat any of my fortune cookie last week [the diet, I do not waste calories on fortune cookies.]

    The fortune said “You will receive a phone call from Clay on Valentine’s Day.”

  9. [it is working this diet – I have lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks.]

  10. Yay Michele, that is a lot, 8 pounds. That is not easy. Good for you.

  11. Oops. That was not Clay, that was me. LOL.

  12. LOL! I just said to husband “someone is messing with me”

  13. Clay hacked my blog…

  14. Lucky you Kitty.

    Send him over…

  15. He’s all yours, Michele.

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  17. so what does it meen here we go moo shu cereal for breakfast with duck sause

  18. I guess it means there are leftovers?

  19. wow, that is utterly bizarre! Do you happen to have the actual fortune? I’d love to see it and post it on my blog! Of course with a link back to you 🙂

  20. I am not sure if I still have either of these

  21. Well, that was weird

  22. Thanks for stopping by, Interlock.

  23. Yeah, not sure who is writing fortune cookies these days.

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