An icy valentine’s and the little love poem that couldn’t

698271_love_heart_necklace.jpgLast night we had an ice storm. Sparkles of ice falling in the night.

This morning – no power. It is freezing in the house. We traipse over to Mom’s with wine and cheese [that cheese will go bad we better eat it.]

So here I am, on Valentine’s day, with husband, mom, wine, and cheese. Not too bad a Valentine’s day.

Considering I did not win the poetry contest. [I am assuming I did not win because the winner gets a call from you-know-who tonight and I have not been notified but also no winner has been announced yet.]

So, in celebration of love on Valentine’s day, here was my attempt to write a mushy love poem [this was hard for me I am not a mushy love poem kind of person.] Per contest rules, the poem can only use words from the song “A Thousand Days.”

“The Little Love Poem That Couldn’t”

I promise the skies –
cause you light a thousand nights
and reach my soul, you.

Angels know your eyes,
your heart, your soul – light won’t lie.
And I know your love.

My love – it won’t go.
You’re my sun, moon, stars – my home,
everything. You know.


23 responses to “An icy valentine’s and the little love poem that couldn’t

  1. Well turn on call forwarding just in case.

  2. Too late. But I called home and the machine picked up so the power must be back on. So going home soon.

    I doubt anything will happen though. [you will hear me scream if it does]

  3. Love those last two words, “You know.”

    Nice work Michele, go wait by that phone, there’s still time. Hurry, I’d be disappointed to hear a story about how all you got for winning the Valentine contest was a message on the machine.

  4. Oh, and happy Valentines, you.

  5. Happy Valentines to you too Kitty.

    I am home now but do not expect to get that call. I am however answering every unknown number tonight.

  6. Hey, Clay is on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. He just gave Jimmy a bag of personalized M&Ms. How’s he going to call if he’s on Kimmel’s show. Maybe I’ll see him call you while he’s on this show.

  7. Shit Kitty – I napped before the show and had husband wake me up for it. And promptly fell asleep in front of the tv!

    No phone call. Sigh.

  8. There there Michele. Some other woman may be getting a phone call, but you got to hold the guy’s hands by the bus. You win.

  9. Yes, I will always have the hands by the bus.

  10. You fell asleep?
    That’s tragic. He did something so cute and sweet on that show, I know you will love it. I actually wondered if it was a rerun because he was supposed to be on the phone calling the winner of the poetry contest.
    (okay, hubby slipped you a mickey and when Clay called he told him never to call back there again)

  11. He was a cutie on Kimmel – saw it today. He apparently called the winner from his dressing room before the show.

  12. I caught it right in the middle before he did the Valentine song with the candies in the bowl. That was so cute, Michele.
    I missed the part where he announced the winner. Was it the one you thought it would be?

  13. I loved that little song he did. Just goes to prove, he could sing the phonebook and I would love his voice.

    The winner was announced on his website. It was not the one I thought it would be, it was an okay poem but I think it was too rhyme-y. The web adminstrators weed out the poems before he choosed, so who knows if he ever saw mine.

  14. I saw your poem and it won, but your husband answered the phone when I called and he told me you were too tired to answer my call.

  15. LOL. Now that is bad – very bad.

    You are Kitty, right?

  16. Kitty who? The only girl in my life is you, Michele. I’ll tell you something only we know. You held both my hands at the tour bus after a show. I would’ve asked you to join me on the bus but there was a guy with you and he gave me the evil eye. I think he’s stalking you, I see him with you at all my concerts.

  17. LOL.

    Hey Clay?


  18. Did Michele just tongue Kitty?

    I so have to go lie down now.

  19. Hey, that was not me. I know nothing of Clay and a bus and hand holding. Until now.

  20. No I just tongued Clay. Sheesh.

  21. That was not Clay. That was Kitty on stilts.

  22. No no no no no no no no.

    [no offense Kitty]

  23. Clay didn’t feel no tongue. That was a smooch.

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