We’ll always have Paris

paris-ex.jpg Tomorrow I am going to Paris.

Not really.  Sigh.  But – I am going to a new exhibit at The National Gallery in Washington D.C. of photographs of Paris in the late 1800s and early 1900s. 

I love Paris and I love looking at photos.  So it should be good.

The scoop –

Paris in Transition – Photographs from the National Gallery of Art 

February 11 – May 6 2007

Exhibition Highlights [photos here…]

  • above photo by Charles Marville

  • Hotel de la Marine, c. 1872-1876
    Diana Walker Fund


23 responses to “We’ll always have Paris

  1. You cannot fool me this whole exhibit thing is just a cover for eating duck.

  2. I love Paris also. I didn’t know where to look because I love old buildings so I was fixated on things everytime we were walking anywhere.

    German on the other hand dislikes Paris. He said when he was there, there was dogshit in on every footpath he walked on and he thought that was dirty. This baffled me as I never saw anything like that.

  3. Max – shhh.

    [The duck was great.]

    The exhibit – really good. Aj – you would have liked the photos.

    I never saw dogshit in Paris either.

    Now Venice – that was dirty. One night husband and I were walking back to the hotel and something wet – of unknown origin – landed on his head.

  4. You had me going for a second there.
    Weird, Michele, I was on Parisian photoblogs all day yesterday.

  5. Are you still looking for that “workshop appartment”, Michele? Or was it Kitty the one who would do that? I’m still saving up money, you know.

  6. Oh no Sophia, Michele is flying us out there on her private jet.

  7. What? All of us in one plane? I hope you enjoy sky diving.

  8. Private jet, lol. Maybe if I sell my script….

  9. Kitty – those pictures at the museum were really good. A lot of them were of old Paris before Napolean modernized the city.

  10. I’m just noticing the second link to the exhibits. Amazing photos. I have a coffee table book, “Paris Then and Now” with an old shot of a landmark and then a modern day shot. Most of the scenes have not changed much if at all.
    But wow, your link has some really old photos.

  11. They are really old. And quite good some of them.

  12. Go to Max’s blog and delete this comment.

  13. Max’s blog? What?

  14. Michele, quit playing innocent. Our necks are on the line here.

  15. Hey I was out to dinner!

  16. That is code right? Like when I say I was at the library?

    Of course when I say I was at the library I totally was which is different.

  17. Yeah, I was at the library too.

  18. Were not. I was there and would have seen you.

  19. You had your nose buried in the French Rugby player book.

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