Fidget? Fidget?

hands-in-air.jpg There is a somewhat timely article in yesterday’s New York Times – well, timely to me at the moment because I am dieting.  

It recounts a Mayo Clinic experiment offering volunteers a chance to overeat their favorite foods, no exercise allowed.  [Sounds pretty good to me.]

This was a highly controlled event that lasted 8 weeks.

The findings?  Some people gained only 3 pounds, where others gained 16.

Why?  The “lucky” ones  – were fidgeters. 

I think the title of the article sums it up pretty well – “Weight Watchers’ Tool – Plain Old Restlessness.”

Sigh.  I am so not a fidgeter.  Are you?     


14 responses to “Fidget? Fidget?

  1. I bet AJ fidgets.

  2. I’ve discovered for me that overwork and stress keep down weight. Michele, never mind a diet. Come back and work in NY.

  3. No thanks – thanks for reminding me what I don’t miss about NY.

    At least you can eat good food though to make it all better.

  4. I am a calm figure of elegance, thank you very much.

  5. I want corroboration from Storm after he has spent a morning bracing the kick boxing bag.

  6. aj – I thought you were a delicate flower

  7. AJ is totally a delicate flower — if you iisten to Mildred the drunken astrologist.

  8. I like this confirmation of my delicate status. Up until now, Max has denied all knowledge.

  9. That is not a confirmation, that is siting the source of the alleged delicate flower-ness, which is highly suspect.

  10. I guess I am a fidgeter. Can’t sit still. I’d give up some grub to be able to sit still.

    Yay, glad you are still doing the program.

  11. I can sit still for hours this is my problem.

    I lost 3 pounds Kitty. Yay!

  12. That’s excellent. I knew you would do it because you set your mind to it. You rock.

  13. Now I’m off to blow it on Peking Duck.

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