The best love poem ever

phone-booth.jpgThe other day I found out about a contest. 

Write a love poem using only words in the lyrics of “A Thousand Days“, the current single by you-know-who.  Only fan club members can enter.

You-know-who picks his favorite.  And calls the winner on Valentines Day.

Calls.  The.  Winner.  On.  Valentines.  Day.

I wrote a love poem.  Showed it to husband – told husband it’s for him.

Husband – “Yeah, right, it’s for you-know-who.”

Well, I tried.

If I win [this is entirely possible I am lucky at these things], and get that call – my heart is beating fast at the mere mention of the possibility here – you will hear a yell from here to California.  To Athens.  To Australia.

Note to self – “I will speak this time.  I will speak this time.”   


19 responses to “The best love poem ever

  1. You don’t need luck. You have talent.

    Write down what you want to say, you’re winning this poetry contest.

  2. Valentine’s day I’ll be alert. I bet I will recognize that voice 🙂 Like Kit said, be prepared, Michele, you’re winning the contest.

  3. I think you should hook up an answering machine and record the whole thing.

  4. It is possible that I win this thing – although I am sure there are thousands of entries.

    I knew what I “was” going to say the last time I met him and it did me no good – I was a mute, one word answer idiot.

    Tape it? That is a great idea, aj! [although that would be proof of my conversational ineptitude]

  5. Oh you so have to tape this. Radio Shack has a little cord you can plug into the telephone and a normal hand help tape recorder so you do not have to use an answering machine.

  6. scampers to closet to look for tape recorder =================>

    [wait, would he possibly hear it running that would be so embarassing]

  7. Oh, you need to make a big pot of spaghetti carbonara and tell him to come over, too. That way you can video it.

  8. Not unless it is an incredibly loud tape recorder. It is linked to the phone by a wire that goes into the recorder’s microphone plug in so when you go to Radio Shack make sure you take the tape recorder with you so you get the right hook up.

    They probably tape the convo too for playback and would probably give you a copy but that could take a long time.

  9. Yeah, Kitty. “Hi, mister, come on over for dinner!” lol

    1 – check to see if I have a tape recorder other than the one on the boombox which is probably noisy but should be checked nonetheless

    2 – see if I win

    3 – scream

    4 – go to Radio Shack

  10. Don’t forget to write the list of what you want to say to him. That tape won’t be fun to listen to if all you’re saying is “Uh, um, uh…” And of course “O.” You know that’s coming.

  11. Yes it will.


  12. I am afraid I will begin reciting alternate verbs for walk or sit.

  13. You say that like it is a bad thing.

  14. No it is not a bad thing I have just been living it the past 2 days.

  15. [funny how many “walks” and “sits” are in my script. Well, not really.]

  16. The most important part of this is…

    5 – make an audio file and post link in workshop

  17. Make audio file – check [I do not know how to do that on a tape recorder]

    Post link in workshop – um, um…

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