Time to eat like a bunny


Yes, a diet. Yum.

It’s been years – maybe 10 – since I have seriously dieted.

I do not know where these pounds have come from they have crept up on me.

So now is the time for lettuce. Carrots. Lots of water [and what goes along with that.]

If I am cranky – you will know why.

I will have been eating like a bunny.

[I say “will” because this weekend I will eat like there is no tomorrow. I need to prepare myself for “suffering.”]


23 responses to “Time to eat like a bunny

  1. Awe good for you. It’ll happen, too, you have such determination with all you do.
    Plus now we know and will keep bugging you about it.

  2. Now is a bad time to say I just had pancakes right?

    You’ll do good, Michele.

  3. Don’t listen to Aj, Michele. What does she know? Lettuces and carrots rock!! Who needs pancakes with chocolate syrup and caramel topping when we can have marvelous tomatoes and radishes garnished with Brussels sprouts?

  4. You know how many calories are in salad dressing right? By the time most people get done preparing a salad, they might as well have just eaten a stick of butter.

  5. Aj!

    Actually on this diet [weight watchers] I can eat anything I want – everything just has points. I get 20 points a day [for some reason husband, who is joining me on the diet gets 33 points I am not too happy about that.]

    So pancakes? Sure. 4 pancakes, no more food for the day.

    I just love carrots [if I keep saying so I will believe it maybe?]

    Max – I know the salad dressing is the problem. I just throw some salt on it and eat it “dry.” Like a bunny.

  6. I will be pulling for you Michele.

  7. Husband flicked thru channels and landed on food eating contests. And watched this guy eat 89 hamburgers in 12 minutes.

    Then paced because he was getting hungry.

  8. [I must admit I watched too. And hurried over to the kitchen in search of 0 point food – there is a reason those foods are 0 points. The suffering begins.]

  9. Sherbet is low fat. Can you eat sherbet?

  10. Probably – if I had it in the house. I need to check the points allotment for it.

    I so need to go shopping tomorrow.

  11. I am pretty sure licorice is low call too and you burn callories chewing it.

  12. “…and you burn callories chewing it.”

    I want to go on the Max diet. Beef jerkey and licorice, all you can eat.

  13. Licorice is also a laxative, so, um, two benefits.

  14. It is not. Jeez.

  15. Yes it is if not eaten in moderation Ms Adams.

  16. If you eat five times your body weight in licorice.

  17. I have been eating licorice. I have this really good strong licorice from Holland. Wonder if I can count it as exercise? lol.

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  19. Hey is that a ping?

    I lost 3 pounds in 3 days – Yay!

  20. Wow Michele that was fast. Good work.

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