Not my dog

roxy-2-small.jpg Roxy is my mother’s new dog.  She is a six month old Japanese Chin.  For some reason she likes me – a lot. 

She is a licker.


5 responses to “Not my dog

  1. I like that name Roxy. She looks like a Foo Dog.
    Dogs know good people, that’s why she likes you, Michele.

  2. Aw, thanks!

    [or maybe she likes my makeup]

  3. Foo Dogs bring good luck, right?

    Dog licks keep the face looking young.

  4. Not sure – I haven’t read that.

    Well than I will let Roxy lick away…. although I am not sure why I care about the inside of my nose looking young…

  5. LOL. My dog loves to do that too. I think it’s all about flavor. Of course I wouldn’t know that for certain.

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