A popular meme to try – P123s5

I found this a few days ago – I do not know why, but memes are supposed to spread so I guess it is working.

Here is an exercise –

  1. Grab the nearest book.
  2. Open the book to page 123.
  3. Find the fifth sentence.
  4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog – along with these instructions.
  5. Don’t search around and look for the “coolest” book you can find.  Do what’s actually next to you.

So I gave it a try.  The nearest book to me was “The Screenwriter’s Survival Guide – or, Guerilla Meeting Tactics and Other Acts of War” – by Max Adams.  [a damn good book, I might add.]

“And the sneakers are always frighteningly clean, as in “they may be sneakers, but by gum they glow like they just came out of the box.””

::: whistling :::




15 responses to “A popular meme to try – P123s5

  1. Max and sneakers. The two go together like Bourbon and Coke.

  2. white sneakers – they must be white….

  3. Wow. You have such good taste in books.

  4. She sure does.
    Now, can these sneakers have 3 inch stilletto heels?

  5. I could not believe out of all of the book that was the sentence.

  6. Isn’t it just wild that the person who wrote the book in your meme is leaving comments about it?

    How was your horoscope? I’m afraid to go in alone. You’re brave, girl.

  7. Yes and they are so totally objective comments too.

  8. yes it is Kitty. But I am still traumatized by the white sneakers.

  9. LOL Max. You wrote the book on it.
    Okay, Michele no spike heels.

  10. Black boots. Chunky heels.


  11. Speaking of sneakers, I have the best little pair of balerina cut adidas known to man on my feet right now. They are green and white and kick ass cute.

    Sorry Michele, no heel here to back you up.

  12. Are they comfortable aj?

    I am counting on the fact that this marketing class in being given in NY, not LA, so I can pass on the sneaker thing this one time.

  13. Yeah they are super comfy and the super cute factor means you can wear any kind of shirt with your jeans, dressed up or down and still pull the look off.

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