What’s in a name?

Okay, this quiz is totally unscientific, but funny.  Especially if you are a writer looking for names [or an alias].  It is the mega-name generator.

Check out my punk rock band name.

Michele ‘s Aliases

Your movie star name: Chips Milty

Your fashion designer name is Michele Paris

Your socialite name is Mich New York

Your fly girl / guy name is M

Your detective name is Cat Bronx Science

Your barfly name is Chocolate Sambocca

Your soap opera name is Teresa Lane

Your rock star name is Chocolate Plane

Your Star Wars name is Mickit cla

Your punk rock band name is The Bored Dildo

The Amazing Meganame Generator


16 responses to “What’s in a name?

  1. Michele, name a strange object… a dildo?? You crack me up.

  2. Never met one that wasn’t strange.

  3. Hmm… how many have you met exactly ? Just curious.

  4. um – none personally.

    Friends’ – they belonged to friends.

    Actually, one was dragged out at a baby shower I went to….

  5. We lived on so many streets when I was a kid I am drawing a blank. I mean, which ones can I remember? And which one should I use? Jeesh.

  6. Use the one that would make the best soap opera name?

  7. [I think that is where it shows up…. ]

  8. Well, I got one good name. My punk rock band is The Skeptical Puppet.

    Oh, and the fashion designer name is not bad: Max Paris.

    I like The Skeptical Puppet enough to go out and form a band just so I can use that. The rest? Not so much.

  9. Yea, the punk rock band names are the most fun here.

    Hey, my fashion desginer name is Michele Paris – are we related?

  10. Damn you Michele Paris, there can be only one!

  11. I think Max Paris sounds better anyway.

  12. It has a ring….

  13. Hey quit that. We had a good sword fight brewing here and you are being all polite and genteel and stepping aside. That is no way to start a sword fight.

  14. [also now I have to find a man with the last name Paris to marry that is just going to be work you know]

  15. Hey bitch give me back my name.


  16. Um. E for effort?

    [jeez, this is not a cat fight, this is a sword fight, try to sound burly or something]

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