Passing by my past

Yesterday I was walking in NYC with husband on Second Avenue, on the plaza close to the 59th Street Bridge [you know the 59th Street Bridge song – “Feeling Groovy?”]  I digress.

I do not live in NYC anymore. 

We pass this guy walking with a white-haired woman.   I think I know this guy.  The key word here is “think.”

I turn.  I look.  I say to husband – “I think I know that guy.”  Husband turns around and looks.  The guy has the dark short curly hair look.   Husband says “He has a common look.”

Um, yes he does.  I say “slow down.”  We slow down, I turn around again.  He is talking with the woman – deep conversation.

I say [quite meekly almost on purpose] – “Jeff.”

He does not hear me.  But I spot a birthmark. 

I lived in an apartment with Jeff and my ex-boyfriend in Stockton, California for 3 months one summer in the 80s.   I know that birthmark.

We cross the street.  I am 99% sure now that this is him.  I have the courage to make a fool of myself.   We walk about ten feet past the corner and I tell husband to stop.  I will say something.

I turn around. 

He is gone. 



2 responses to “Passing by my past

  1. Damn. What do they call that? Acid flashback or something? LOL.

  2. Acid flashback – LOL.

    Actually, I think they walked into a lighting store.

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