Beware the [bra] strap police

An interesting marketing campaign from a bra strap retailer was reported by Reuters and the New York Times today.  

It seems that there is a campaign against “ugly bra strap syndrome.”  This is when an outfit is marred by the appearance of a bra strap that does not match the outfit, or – oh my – is dirty.  Or  just plain ugly. 

Oh the horror!  Ugly. Bra. Straps. Must. Be. Stopped.

On, there is a place to report your “friends” for the crime.   [Or buy bra straps.] 


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15 responses to “Beware the [bra] strap police

  1. Jeez, rhinestone thongs can be only seconds behind this. “It is not your thong showing, it is bling.” Yeah right.

  2. I’m a “big gal” and let me tell you there will never come a day that I can go braless. I’ve purchased the XL straps from and now I can wear strapless dresses, tank tops and the such without having to worry about my straps. In fact, I want my straps to show. My XL beaded bra straps from Strappity-do-da give me all the support I need plus are fashionable!!!

  3. Jacqueline works for the company right?

  4. Wait – there is another company – – that sells these too?

  5. My bra straps are embarassed now.

  6. Careful I am going to have to report you.

  7. Oh you just go ahead and do that Matahari. Flounce!

  8. Jacqueline aka sales rep: strappity must be paying you well for your comments but we are not stuppidy!

  9. Kim, I’m sorry, we have never had a Jacqueline working for our company. There are many women however that love our product; that can’t go braless. We are one of the few companies that carried XL straps. Please go to our website and check out our product; our artisans pride themselves on their workmanship. We are improving the lives of the women in Cali, Columbia by creating employment opportunties in the “Red Zone”. We also donate money to Fundamor a medical/orphanage for children with Aids. They also make wonderful gifts for the Holiday Season.

  10. Hey Kim
    I like the “stuppidy” reference. Good word play!
    I’ve been using it!
    Owner, Strappity-do-da

  11. Here the city is trying to start fining people that let any under ware show. The reason being droopy pants that show under pants. indecent exposure is the problem. People take it too far with the pants. Must be men deciding to throw in the bra straps part of the law. Where can one find bra strap pads for comfort. It is hard to find the stuff to sew them even.

  12. Voodoo you can get the pads for only $3.99 at, they are with the breast petals and adhesive garment tape. Hope that helps..

  13. The panties showing are not attractive. But bra straps showing does not bother me as much. Personally though, I do not like my bra straps to show at all.

  14. Michele try out our straps; you will love them. There are so many tops and dresses that show your straps. Solve the problem with should jewelry. They are more comfortable than regular bra straps and they are adjustable and stay put and don’t slide. They attach to any convertible bra or corset. I even have them on a bathing suit I have that is convertible, I received so many compliments when I was in Florida. We offer a 30 day guarantee. If you don’t like them send them back.

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