Idoling or Schadenfreude?

I watched the first episode of American Idol last night.  In my house we refer to this act as a verb.  Tonight we are “Idoling.”

I am ashamed to have sat through 2 hours of total humilation for these poor young men and women [some are teenagers even].  The audition shows seem to focus on the bad singers more than the good ones [I counted 4 good singers in 2 hours, the rest were there just to be made fun of]. 

Yes, let us linger on a 20 something make-up artist crying for 5 minutes [5 minutes!] because you just shattered her dream.  Let us laugh at the 21 year old rock singer that Simon forces to sing Abba just to humilate him, and then he begs and tries Barry Manilow, and they pass on him anyway.  Or the overweight woman that, before she even opens her mouth to sing, Simon asks “Do you really think you can be the next American Idol?  Come on.”

Keep it coming, keep humilating these people on national TV.   [5 more of these audition shows are left.]

Is this what America wants to see?

It is sad to me, this Schadenfreude.


4 responses to “Idoling or Schadenfreude?

  1. I’ve never watched the show. I don’t think I could stomach it.

  2. It gets better when it is all talented people – later in the season. It’s the auditions that are really mean.

  3. I was wondering if it just started out that way. The day after you posted this, I saw something in a newspaper saying some of the same things you wrote. You beat them to it.

  4. Hot off the press.

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