Silly me.

medicine.jpg   Maybe it’s me, but I am the type of person that needs objective data and concrete answers for certain questions.  Like – what is wrong with me?  [okay, don’t go there.]

I used to think medicine was a science.  Silly me.  You have a symptom, there is a test, you are diagnosed and treated.  Simple, right?  Wrong.

For the past month now, I have had disturbing symptoms [I will not go into that here I am talking theoretically now.]  I have been to 7 doctor appointments with 5 different doctors.  Each says something different.   I have had 6 tests – one of which I had to run to NYC for last week.  I have 3 more tests scheduled [this too is an annoyance – I have to wait upwards or 4 or 5 weeks for these tests that the doctors think I need so desparately and suffer symptoms in the meantime and hope that waiting so long will not be a detriment.]  All of this – and still no answers.  Oh – one test came back with the words “of unknown significance.”  What the heck is that?  Noone knows that either, but it was of enough significance to order more tests.  Sheesh.   And I have been given four medicines to take so far – all without a diagnosis.  “Take this, let’s see if it works.”  Sure.

So I have resorted to searching the internet  [this can be both a good thing and a bad thing there are some scary things out there.]   Maybe I can diagnose myself. 

And I wonder – why is this so hard?  Isn’t medicine science?


6 responses to “Silly me.

  1. The Internet! What would we ever do had we not had the Internet? This is funny, cause most people I know (myself included) diagnose themselves visiting medical web sites. Doctors may fail to give accurate diagnoses, the Internet never does.

    Michele, you should tell the doctors what a man I know had told them: if I am to be your guinea pig, you better start feeding me now cause when I’m hungry I get pretty upset and I bite.

  2. That is funny Sophia.

    I have no idea what we would do without the internet, really. I have self-diagnosed with it plenty – the problem is sometimes I give myself scary things.

  3. Yeah, that’s got to be so frustrating. And too often when they can’t figure it out, they say, “It’s stress.”
    Um, who has no stress?

  4. And who would not be stressed by this point?

  5. Oh, let’s not forget about the “psychosomatic” bullshit. I hate psychosomatic.

  6. Well yes it must be psychosomatic – after all we are women.

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