“A Thousand Days”

Okay, so humor me here [or not].

I came across this youtube video made by a Clay fan [dolphincrazy618 to be exact] of Clay’s upcoming single “A Thousand Days.”  And I liked it.

It is snippets of TV appearances that this chick [I am assuming it is a “she” that made this] pieced together. 

So here it is.

Well, this is taking too damn long to load – I do not have time for this –

Here is the link – A Thousand Days


9 responses to ““A Thousand Days”

  1. Psst, Michele, satelite cable.

  2. I know, I know….

  3. The only thing missing in the video is you with your eyes rolled back into your head.
    I like this song, have heard it on the radio but, oh the shame, didn’t know it was him.
    Now it is forever “Michele’s O Song.”

  4. “oh the shame” LOL Kitty

  5. Wait, no, AJ. I didn’t mean it like that. I still like the song.

  6. Heck, my eyes do not roll back in my head I just get a silly grin.

    I am shocked you have heard this on the radio, I have never heard it on the radio.

  7. During a Taking Back Sunday concert, the lead singer said something that shocked me. He said New York City did not have anymore rock stations. I know you don’t live there now, but his point was that rock stations are declining in this country.
    I had no idea and this reminds me to go check that out. We have quite a few of them here.

  8. I don’t know about New York anymore, but we do not have any new rock stations here – only ones that play stuff from the 60’s and 70’s. That, country, lite fm that does not play many new songs, and “lite contemporay” that is the worst of both worlds. Oh, and rap/hiphop stuff. But no new rock songs, no new contemporary that is not hiphop, rap, or “soft contemporary” that plays the same old 5 tired songs.

    And – never any Clay.

  9. yes we can still be friends!

    i like your post!

    good luck!

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