Hello – it’s me are you there?

I repeated these words at least a dozen times yesterday.  It all started Friday night with a call from my sister. 

She lives in New York.

Sister – “I can’t get in touch with Dad – his fax machine keeps going off.”

Dad is old.  And lives alone.  Hundreds of miles away – in Florida.

Me – “His voicemail must be full again.”

When his voicemail gets full, for some reason his fax goes off – I do not know why but it does.

Then Saturday.

I called.  And called.  The damn fax machine all day long. 

Me – over the screeching fax noise – “Hello?  It’s me are you there?”


Now I am getting worried, I mean doesn’t he hear the fax machine going off all day?  Doesn’t he notice he has not received any phone calls in 24 hours?  Could he be lying there – dead?

I call my sister.

Me – “It is your turn to call Denise.”  She is a neighbor.

My sister calls Denise.  She calls me back. 

Sister – “I left a message.  Maybe I should call Charlie.” 

Charlie is Denise’s father.  He is 92 years old.

She calls Charlie.  Calls me back.

Sister – “His fax machine is going off too.”

This is funny.

Sister – “I have the number for Diaz.  Who is Diaz?”

Me – “He lives across the street.  Call.”

Sister – “Dad is going to get mad with us calling all these people.”

Me – “Fuck ‘ im.”

Well, Diaz is not home either.

An hour passes.

I call my sister. 

Me – “Try again.”

Sister – “I’m eating dinner.”

Wow she can eat. 

My husband and I search for fax software on the P.C. – I cannot find any. 

We install fax software on the P.C.

I send my father a fax.

My sister has a friend [she has no fax software] send him a fax too.

Five minutes pass.

My sister calls me back.

Sister – “He called.  He heard the fax machine going off and wondered who the hell is faxing him at this time of night.”

Thank God for technology.  Or not. 


9 responses to “Hello – it’s me are you there?

  1. great job

  2. I sympathise. My dad lives on the beach in another state and due to the trees, hills etc, he gets bad cell phone service. 9 out of 10 times I ring him, I get “the person you are calling is not in a phone service area”. It is so frustrating. Especially after a week or trying.

  3. Yes it is frustrating. And can be scary sometimes.

  4. For me, the scariest thing is when I call my mom and she picks up. You never know what’s coming next. When I listen to her answering machine, at least I know she was alive enough to switch in on. But when she actually picks up, that’s a whole different story.

  5. Payback is a bitch isn’t it Michele? Remember all those times you took the car out as a teen? LOL.

    You scared the crap out of me, you.

  6. lol Sophia.

    You’re right Kitty, payback is a bitch. I did some pretty outrageous things as a teen. [sorry to scare you]

  7. Well if Dad is going to misbehave and scare everyone like that you will just have to camera his place and put one of those little anklets on him.

  8. Sounds like a good idea to me – not sure Dad would be pleased.

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