My spaghetti carbonara – a New Year’s eve tradition

I don’t know why this is, or when it started, but every New Year’s eve, I make a heap of spaghetti carbonara.  It is easy, and it is good [not so good for you, but this is New Year’s eve – time to go to hell with yourself.]

There are tons of recipes out there.  But mine is the best.  I have honed it.  I tried Jamie Oliver’s [the Naked chef] recipe.  But.  Mine is the best.

Here it is.  It is not too exacting in the measurements.

Michele’s spaghetti carbonara:


A pound of spaghetti. [it works best with spaghetti]

Half a package of bacon – or more if you like.  [you can use pancetta but that is hard to find in some places.  I use bacon.]

2 eggs.

1/2 onion – diced fine.

1/4 cup parmesan or parmesan/romano cheese – the cheap, powdered kind

Fresh ground black pepper [or not]

1/2  stick of butter.  [yes butter, I told you it was bad for you].


Cook the bacon – I do this in the microwave, on a paper plate, the bacon inbetween 6 pieces of paper towel.  On high, about one minute per slice.

Saute the onions in the butter, on low heat.

Boil the pasta water.

In the meantime, beat the 2 eggs.

Crumble the bacon into smallish pieces [I use my hands….. don’t tell.]

Cook the spaghetti al dente. [ a little hard you don’t want a soggy mess]

Drain the spaghetti and throw it back into the pot.  [Do NOT rinse it with cold water – you need it hot.]

Quick, hurry, add the eggs and stir.  The eggs will cook in the hot pasta.  If it does not, add the pot back over low heat for a few seconds.

Now, add the onions and butter, the bacon, the parmesan cheese, the black pepper to the pot.  And some salt, to taste.  Mix it up with a fork.

Dish out and serve immediately.  Add more parmesan cheese and pepper to taste.

Have a nice glass of wine – or whatever….

What are your New Year’s eve traditions?  [I am talking food here….]


32 responses to “My spaghetti carbonara – a New Year’s eve tradition

  1. ebitmanagement


  2. Happy New Year Michele, the recipe sounds yummo.

    Ebit, you walk the spam line with a post like that.

  3. Happy New Year Michele!

  4. Happy new year to you too aj and Beth!

    40 minutes to go here and champagne is going down now.

  5. Happy New Year.

    The speghetti sounds good except I don’t eat pork. But, I’m not allowed to talk about that anymore.

  6. can’t talk about pork?

  7. Can’t talk about why I don’t eat it.

  8. I’m not allowed to say bad things about food anymore, see?

  9. I’ve never heard of eggs in spagetti.

    Happy [drunken] New Year.

  10. Oh. I thought you were secretly Jewish.

  11. It is a classic italian dish, spaghettis alla carbonara.

  12. I could totally pull of Judaism!

  13. Hi,
    I clicked through from Cinemagypsy.
    I could probably make this…. can you use Turkey bacon? What do the eggs do? Is it like fried rice? Do kids like this? I would love to hide protien in my son’s spagetti.

  14. Hi Jennifer,
    Sure you can use turkey bacon. The eggs cook in the hot pasta when you stir it up and just kind of coats the pasta, with little dots of scrambled eggs forming. Add lots of parmesan cheese and kids would like it I think [I have no kids so can not speak from experience]

  15. I know you could Z. But you make a better shiksa.

  16. That’s a compliment – all nice Jewish boys love shiksas.

  17. You forget my supernatural powers of Googleness, dear.

  18. Happy New Year, Michele. And thanks for making me drool over that spaghetti of yours.

  19. Happy New Year to you too Soph!

  20. ebitmanagement


    Sorry about the short message on new years eve.
    The recepie is excellent !

    I hope you get a great 2007 !


    All the best from Sweden

  21. It is, Deb.

    I have started using pepper-bacon in it lately.

  22. Happy New Years, Michele – it sounds wonderful

  23. I’ve gotten less restrictive of pork, so I might try this this year.

  24. Oh, you should definately try it then, Rane!

  25. (Um, that is me, Michele)

  26. How was it this year?

  27. Delish but I gained 3 lbs!

  28. Oh my, but that should be easy to take back off.

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