Out of the Closet….but when?


See the pile of boxes on the floor?  Clothes I received for Christmas.   These boxes have been lying there for days.     Why?

See the closet – um – wardrobe? [I have 3 of these – this is just an example.]

Time to go to Goodwill.


19 responses to “Out of the Closet….but when?

  1. Food? New Year’s Eve is not about food. New Year’s Eve is about champagne. Silly Michele.

  2. I am saving myself.

  3. Do you have to outrun a bear?

  4. Funny I am eating some chocolate candy on sale called bear paws.

  5. It occurs to me looking at the clock it is five hours till midnight and I have already begun sipping champagne and Sophia is not going to be up for hours. Wow. I wonder if I will make it you might have the right idea.

  6. More fun for Sophia then. It is 10:15 here and she joins chat at 11:00 so maybe she will be up soon.

    If she misses it we can tell her we all took off our shirts.

  7. LOL! But it was okay, it was with a medical doctor present.

  8. I just left a haiku for Z.

  9. Excellent haiku.

  10. is this medical doctor a male or female?

  11. Well also I am sure very married but very funny too.

  12. funny name trenchdoc

  13. He is funny he wrote that story about the red velvet cake girl.

  14. Red velvet cake – yum [not]

  15. Oh la la Max found a sassy trench doc. He is hilarious.
    Sorry I am chatting with Max on your blog, Michelle, uh, Happy New Year, happy drunken blogging.

  16. chat away Kitty.

    I just read your blog – that is terrible news.

  17. He is funny. Night Ninja Michele. Happy New Year. Thanks for Ninja Blogging.

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