The Lovefest – aka – A Clay Concert

I went to my 8th Clay concert last week. That’s right – 8th. In 3 years. There are some people worse than me – I have gone to only one concert on each of his tours. Okay, one tour – I went to two. But that is because I got great seats. But these people? They are like Deadheads. They follow him around from town to town, and he knows it. He asked the audience to raise their hands if this is not the first show they’ve been to. A few hundred hands raise. Then he asks – “Who dragged their husbands or boyfriend here?” And then, “which men came of their own volition?” This time, there were quite a few.

Last week’s concert was a Christmas concert. He sings with local orchestras. Alone. No backup singers. Nothing. Just him and the orchestra. He chats with the audience. Asks the technicians to turn on the lights so he can see us.

The stage was so small that he could only move to our side. And that was pretty damn close to us. I could see his eyes. A woman in the third row had binoculars. He teased her no end. “You are in the THIRD row! What are you looking for, nose hairs?”

He talked about the Kelly Ripa “controversy”. I yelled “She deserved it!” I yelled alot – I was hoarse for days. When he first came out, I screamed. My husband gives me a look and says – “Do you have to do that?” Then he covers his face with his hands. But he got used to it again – it has been a year since the last concert.

The voice – was beautiful. Long notes, held for up to 30 seconds. Chills.

And then, the bus. I did not think it could get better this time – last year I had a meet and greet – but it did. We waited – 50 of us – by the bus, in a line. He came out and shook our hands, thanked us for coming. I put out both hands, and he shook both – more like a hand hold, not a shake. I saw those green eyes, the freckles…

I read yesterday that after I left, when he got on the bus, around 20 people stayed to wave goodbye to the bus. But the bus did not leave. Clay decided to play with them. He sent his bodyguard out to ask trivia questions. It took 4 questions, but the first one to get it right – got to go on the bus to meet Clay. Get an autograph and picture. A hug. Jeez, I wish I had stayed. But, I am happy anyway. It does not take much. And it keeps getting better.


5 responses to “The Lovefest – aka – A Clay Concert

  1. It’s too bad you missed the Clay trivia but at least you had a good time. For some reason I had thought Clay had blue eyes.

  2. I had a great time.

    Those eyes are really green – almost unnaturally so. Perhaps green contacts.

  3. Last night they showed Clay on tv. Quite strange since Clay is not really known here. To be honest, I doubt I’d know him if it weren’t of you. Anyway, the moment I saw him, I impulsively shouted “Michele!”. My hubby turned to me and said “The guy’s name is Michele? People call him THAT?”. I laughed. I said “No, it’s Clay”. He said, “Then, why the hell do you call him a girl’s name?”. I gave up. He wouldn’t understand anyway. I only replied “Shush! You’re distracting me”. He shook his head and left. Men! They just don’t understand.

    He’s cute, Michele! You go, girl. I’m so happy you had that beautiful experience. Have you washed your hands since that night?

  4. Wow Sophia! They showed Clay in Greece?!!!!
    I am impressed! Did he sing?

    Um, unfortunately I washed my hands the next day. But I did sleep with Clay on my hands that night.

  5. Great post Michele, thanks for giving us the feel of being in the front row. I love it when the performers interact with the audience.–>

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