Just Sharing

Isn’t he pretty?


11 responses to “Just Sharing

  1. He sure is. I like his new look. But he’s all yours.

  2. Thanks Kitty. I’ll tell him you said so…

  3. If you get him alone I don’t think there will be any talking.

  4. Michele i was tryimg to make my own website can u help me wtih the commets.

  5. I’m waiting for the big story on Clay…tap tap tap…

  6. Hi Paula – send me your website url, okay?

    Kitty – I will give a full report soon – did you think I wouldn’t???

  7. I dreamt about Clay the other night. I blame you.

  8. Z – ROTFL!

    Was it a nice dream?

  9. I think we were trapped in a house for some reason and he kept trying to kiss me to prove he wasn’t gay and I wouldn’t let him and then he turned into John Stamos.

  10. Did you kiss John Stamos or were you afraid he would turn back into Clay?

  11. No, I just woke up. Figures, just when it was getting good.

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