A Sight, a Bite, and a Flight in NYC

What do you do when you have 3 nights and 3 days in New York City in Christmas season? Well, here is how I plan to spend one day next week.

There are a few new interesting exhibits at the Met.

courtesy of the Met

Americans in Paris, 1860-1900.
Cezanne to Picasso – Ambroise Vollard, Patron of the Avant-Garde
Glitter and Doom – German Portraits from the 1920s

the Met Christmas Tree

Have you ever seen the Christmas Tree inside the Met? This is one beautiful tree, decorated with 18th-century Neapolitan angels and cherubs.

And after all this culture? Time to eat – guess what? Lady M cakes. Or, perhaps French pastries at Payard Patisserie (Lexington between 73rd and 74th) – the best hot chocolate and St. Honore in town.

courtesy of Payard Patisserie

Then, one last thing. A glass of wine at Morrell’s wine bar – [or 2 or 3]. Across from Rockefeller Center, with a view of that other Christmas Tree. You know which one I mean.


8 responses to “A Sight, a Bite, and a Flight in NYC

  1. I thought you’d rush off to Paris.

    Mmm. Cream puffs.

  2. Well, NYC, but it’ll seem like Paris.

  3. Well, you can catch a movie at the Paris Theater.

  4. Hmmm… have a couple of these desserts and then go watch Moulin Rouge or the Ledo. You’ll regret every single bite you had, trust me.

  5. Hey, Michele. I spent over 4 hours at the Met yesterday on my day off (after which I went to Tower near Lincoln Center and bought lots of very discounted CDs).

  6. Bob – did you see the Glitter and Doom exhibit? Wasn’t it great? I am thinking about that Anita Barber woman…

    I am afraid to ask about Tower…

  7. Glitter and Doom was great – and got a fairly offbeat crowd. The Vollard exhibit was also terrific – some great late impressionists and early modern types. It was a little strange finding out how when and how much the guy paid for a painting and how much he sold it for later, but the artwork was great. Americans in Paris was OK, no better.

    It was my first time seeing the tree at the Museum – and having the salad bar at the cafeteria there. Loved the angels and the beets were pretty good too.

    CDs were $5 or less each. I only got 10. Mostly quirky pop, some quirky country, some jazz.

    Hope you don’t mind me borrowing your blog for a minute.

  8. Glad you enjoyed it!

    What do you mean borrowing my blog? Like posting? Post anytime!

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