Let Me Eat Cake

I have been thinking about cake lately. Really good cake.

Must be the holidays approaching. Or my annual December trip to NYC. Christmas time in NYC – that’s a whole other topic.

But – the cake. The best cake in NYC is made by “Lady M” – at 78th Street and Madison Avenue. As intimated by the address, these cakes are not cheap. But they are worth every penny – and every pound. One can order a whole cake, or just a slice and sit at a table.

The signature cake is the best, I think. Lady M Mille Crepes. 20 crepes, light cream layered in between, and a crust of carmelized sugar to top it off.

A picture, you ask? Here – Lady M Milles Crepes

Of course there are other great cakes to chose from.

More Lady M Cakes

Time to eat cake. Now.


7 responses to “Let Me Eat Cake

  1. Oh, gosh that looks so good. So do the others.
    Have some for me, two slices.
    Wow, that would make a great gift for someone I know who is so hard to buy for. Thanks for the links.

  2. That cake is damn good.

    I read an article about it in the New York Times – the author was trying to make it herself. I think it had the recipe (or her recirpe). Anyway, it did not come out the same.

    I had to try the real thing.

  3. You make crepes? I do too, Michelle, I have this special machine from Brittany, France that makes perfect crepes. Still have to ladle on the mix and use the raclette (wooden scraper thing) to make it round and pretty. I thought about making that cake, but you know, $60 isn’t a bad price for the amount of work to prepare it.

  4. Well, if you want to try and make it – here is a recipe from the New York Times –


    But, I agree. Better off perhaps to buy it.

  5. Thanks. I’ll give it a shot.

  6. I can tell you just by looking at the picture I could never make that cake.

    I can’t even make a packet cake and have it look like the picture. So this cake?.. this cake I would suck at worse.

  7. I could never make that either, aj. It would turn out a mess.

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