One Can Dream

I received an email yesterday – from Adrian at Parler Paris.

Toast the New Year in Paris

This is an invitation to attend a seminar in Paris. The topic? How to buy and invest in a “pied-a-terre” in Paris.

I love Paris. Almost as much, if not more so, than New York.

I want to buy a little place there. Nothing fancy. Just a small place in the Marais will do. Where my husband and I can hang out when we retire. Go to museums. Markets. Eat cheese and bread. Drink wine. Hold hands as we walk along the Seine.

I can dream, can’t I?


15 responses to “One Can Dream

  1. Oh, Michelle. I am so completely afraid. Ask anyone I know how long I have been looking for a place like that in Paris. Sigh.
    I haven’t done the seminars, just did the looking on my own. Right now is a really bad time to buy.

  2. Just a hint, Michele. If you are to buy an apartment, try pick a building equiped with an elevator. Have you ever wondered why Parisians are so lean?

  3. Sophia – steps are good – helps to take off the extra pounds from the good food.

    Kitty – where have you been all my life 😉

    Actually, it pays to rent for a few months – much cheaper than buying. Unless we all chip in…

  4. Michelle, you are a genius – first, the 5150 sportswear line. Next, the 5150 apartment in Paris, where we can all go and wear berets and drink absinthe and write amazing, bohemian things….
    (you think I’m kidding?;)

  5. You’re on, Beth!

    I wonder what the absinthe will do to us….

  6. Two words: Spare Room

  7. Paris field trip – coming up!

  8. Must-not-forget list:
    1. Hubby’s credit card
    2. Photo films
    3. Hubby’s credit card
    4. Cigarettes
    5. Hubby’s credit card
    6. Roller skates (for when we visit the Louvre)
    7. One size bigger slacks

    Is there I forgot? Ah, yes. Hubby’s credit card.

  9. Sounds like a good list to me…

    shopping, shopping, shopping

  10. You guys are so smart. I never thought of a 5150 Paris apartment. Yay!

  11. When are we going?

  12. It better be a big place. You know way too many struggling artists to even think if you get a place in Paris you will not be a hostess 365 days a year.

  13. Hey, all struggling artists will be welcome. Think how great all those Oscar celebration parties will be in Paris.

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