Gifts in the Mail

What a week.

The clock gets set back, making the nights oh so dark, oh so sooner. Work is so busy that I need to stay late. And drive home in the black country roads, no street lights anywhere, with the opportunity at any point for deer to jump out in front of my car. I am always anxious about the deer…

But then – gifts arrive in the mail. I know I ordered these gifts – I am expecting these gifts. But who knows what day they will get here and what they will look like? There is some excitement to this.

First, the 2 T-shirts and a mug, from the screenwriting workshop. I try these on immediately. They fit. I am excited.

The next day – the package from [do not laugh here – I am warning you] the Official Fan Club, or OFC. Guess who? Another T-shirt. A poster that I will hang at work – I am not ashamed. A signed letter – telling me “Use Your Voice” – [you should use yours, Clay, yours is much better than mine], a bracelet, and a OFC card – I do not know what this is for. Concert presale access, meet and greet contest entry rights -which I won last year. All for $35. Such a deal.

I do so love gifts in the mail.


4 responses to “Gifts in the Mail

  1. O la la, a signed letter. Where are you going to hang that?

  2. It’ll probably get buried in the pile of papers I have in my office – along with the signed calendar I got when I met him (which is addressed to me personally). That way one day I’ll find it and say, o la la, what is this?–>

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