“I Hate It When You Wear That”

I found this article from New York Magazine amusing.

My favorite line:

“Nik” says to “Jen” about her African shorts:

“It’s not that I don’t appreciate the pattern. Just maybe not on your butt.”

new york magazine article 8-28-06


12 responses to ““I Hate It When You Wear That”

  1. You are just going to town on this blog, girlfriend. Posting photos and hotlinks. You just go girl.

  2. I am a ninja blogger, what can I say?

  3. What is your avatar? It makes me think of a bride, but it probably has something to do with Clay, right?

  4. Actually, it is a picture that my husband took of a gorge in Ithaca on the Cornell campus. That is water flowing over the rocks.

    If you look really hard, you can see Clay down there…

    Kidding. I can see the bride thing though..

  5. A gorge? A bride? Clay? I need to see my eyedoctor. It looks like a ram to me.

  6. Yeah, a bride and Clay. Like an ink blot test. Wonder what all that means?

  7. A ram? I look like a ram?

    Kitty, it means that you want to marry Clay. Hands off!

  8. Now I’m seriously confused. Is that you in that avatar? Why does it look like an animal with horns to me? And, no, you silly, of course you don’t look like a ram! LOL

  9. Oh no, Michelle. Clay is all yours.

    Did you go see “The Queen” yet? I just got back. Loved it.

  10. Oh no Kitty, I am scared girl – I have plans to see Queen this afternoon!

  11. [psst, Sophia, it looked like a ram to me too]

  12. well that is whay I removed it

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