Rewrite Hell

I finished the first draft of my first screenplay. A great feeling.

And then, upon the advice of many experienced friends, I put it down to gain some distance. Before the rewrite.

It’s been three weeks. I put it down. [Well – I did change a few things.]

So what did I do in those three weeks? I read articles. Tons of articles on how to rewrite a screenplay.

And every article said something different. Surprise.

Start from scratch. No – follow this 18 step process. No – there are only 4 steps. No – find the problems and tune it like a car. No – fix those characters first. No – read the feedback. [This I shall do – I have at least 100 pages of good feedback.]

And then I read something –

Only make changes that will elevate your script to a new level.

Well, this is good advice.

And one more piece of good advice [thanks, Max] –

Make sure you save your old drafts.


7 responses to “Rewrite Hell

  1. So glad you’ve joined the blogosphere. It’s a good place to go and write something else when you have put the script down and let it rest for a while.

  2. Thanks, Kitty.

    You’re right about that.

  3. Congratulations on your blog (wow — a blog AND “FADE OUT” — in the same year!

    Have fun!

    yours in writing,


  4. Kitty’s right, it is a good place to ramble nothings.

    Nice theme choice for your blog by the way. Looks nifty.

  5. Thanks Roch and aj! I am having fun with it already!

  6. yay for FADE OUT. double yay for rewriting!

  7. Thanks, Chris.

    I’m not sure which is harder – the first draft or the rewrite!

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