Just Do It

Not to sound morbid, or anything. But. In the past few weeks, I have heard of three people who have died at a very young age. Three. In the past few years, I have had close relatives do the same. Heck, I’ve had a brush with mortality myself [and I am young – relatively.]

What does this say to me? Do what you’ve always wanted to do. Travel to where you’ve always wanted to go. Do not wait for later.

I found screenwriting. And some new friends.

Now, when will I be going back to Paris? As soon as I renew my passport.


5 responses to “Just Do It

  1. I tell myself that all the time, “just do it.” It works. I get things done.

  2. Life is short. When do we eat cinnamon buns?

  3. I always tell myself “don’t postpone for tomorrow something you can do today”. And I always forget. Renew that passport.

  4. Cinnabon buns? What about the chocolate horns?

    Sophia – Are you sure about that? If I renew my passport, you may get a visit…

  5. Are you kidding me? That would be great. Renew your passport. Visit. I’m already making plans.

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